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Task Force Pandora


PANDORA has been established in December 2013 , after an appeal on social networks by Paola Dama, (researcher at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio , USA). The call was addressed to experts in technical and scientific fields to participate to the first kick off meeting.


The reasons that led to its birth were dictated by the need of a debate between members of the scientific community, to bring clarity in the information regarding the issues of environmental pollution that targeting the Campania region and its people in recent months. Besides being able to lend their knowledge to the implementation of political and organizational measures that are absolutely necessary to "save what can be saved" now.

Scientists from various fields of technical-scientific investigation are interacting and cooperating with each other , giving each its own contribution to the problem of pollution in Campania (and other parts of Italy) in the context of a multidisciplinary approach. Documents are prepared in peer–review.


Who voluntarily and spontaneously decided to join, has provided an abstract and a CV, signed the guidelines and the regulation and answers the following objectives Pandora:


  • Sharing data and research already published exclusively ( validated data )

  • Best Practice for citizenship

  • Open Data

  • Feasible and economically sustainable proposals in the statement of operations


In order to manage and maximize the contribution of each one, you have defined the following sessions:


  • Session population

  • Session territory and contaminants

  • Session social science

  • Session legal


Of which there are specific sub-groups for the interdisciplinary field of study (ecological geologists , epidemiologists, medical etc. ). The means of disclosure that we are using are Social Network, Facebook ( , a youtube channel ( , a forum ( and the website ( where the documents are available to download or just to read.


In the event of questions or concerns we have different ways to be contacted, we believe that the interaction with the public, often confused , to be absolutely necessary to bridge the gap between scientists and ordinary people. Similarly , we believe that the figure of the scientist must assume the role of reference and social responsibility towards the community.

The structure of modern society resides on progress provided by technical and scientific details that need to be properly disseminated, to the institutions responsible and for citizens as well. A role of great social responsibility falls on the press and media , and we scientists must become the guarantors of correct information that is sadly lacking in Italy.


PANDORA today is constituted by high profile professionist from different parts of Italy and abroad. We are proceeding for the collection of scientific and technical information, demonstrable and incontrovertible , on the issue of environmental contamination and their possible social and health impact (present and future) caused by the illegal disposal of waste in the Campania region and in other parts of Italy. The work of data collection and the largest sharing of expertise, will enable us to describe the issue in detail and then indicate the proposals technically feasible and economically viable.

PANDORA is proceeding with the drafting of documents available on the website above, available to the media, institutions and citizenship , a platform where you can pick up tips and doubts, in order to enable interested parties to constructive interaction with the study group. The problem to be tackled , however, is to reach all people who are not using the web, which can be accessed , until now, only through television communication: we are trying to find the best way to make our voices heard , aware that many obstacles are represented by the harsh economic reality, in all its meanings.





Land of Fires, special audits reveal abroad: “Health”


Land of Fires is to say vegetable poison?

One of the largest international organizations for certification, Global Gap, came to check. In a document sent to Italy in December of 2013, the organization called for extraordinary new sampling and analysis to agricultural producers already certified at the association that operates in more than eighty countries around the world and consists of more than one hundred independent certifying bodies and accredited.The sampling campaign started overtime under the pressure of the media debate, and has involved all the certified companies in the area of the Land of Fires.

The outcome?

Here it is: "The survey results showed that all certified products are within the maximum limits of contaminants regulated by the European Union – we read in the final document, which Fanpage. it has seen – In addition, these values are provided in normal conditions of production. " A conclusion that leaves no room for doubt, however, that you put in the context of alarm and war of expertise, seizures of land and dissequestri: with the escape of the big brands, the confusion of pollution and power, a terror that is spread over all slowing down the economy and agriculture. In the face of scientific certainty that there is no poison everywhere, in the products of the provinces of Naples and Caserta, we are witnessing a continuous depopulation and abandonment of fields. Of productive analyzed in Campania, 9 are in the province of Caserta and 4 in the province of Naples. Have been investigated dioxins and heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium. Were sieved products from all fields put under the lens. To be sure not to run into the bad habit Italian, the organization has entrusted the task to independent samplers that come from the north of Italy, "to ensure the full independence and minimize the conflict of interest and pressure from manufacturers and local authorities" . In detail, has not been found any trace of mercury in all samples analyzed and no traces of heavy metals has been traced in 44 per cent of the samples completely clean. For the rest, as can be seen from the tables in the document, all pollutants are below the levels established by the European Union. For lead, for example: "The traces of lead detected did not exceed the guidelines and values are generally low," the document reads. "Values - still – that can be explained by a generalized environmental contamination. So there are clues to suspect the presence of an additional source of contamination in the fields championships. " Were found traces of cadmium in 33 percent of the sampled products, in each case below the limits of the EU. The products have also been tested for dioxins and the result is that "it is well within the recommended limits from Europe and there are no indicators that should cast doubt on their health.

"But here comes the paradox between those products certified and audited there is also arugula Caivano, in the province of Naples, the area for some time under the lens of the judiciary. Well, this rocket comes from one of the camps seized on suspicion of poisoning the waters of the well: the limits of the water are out of the norm for some pollutants. "An incredible situation – says Silvestro Gallipoli, an agronomist who has been following the producers in that area – A rocket that comes from land seized from abroad is analyzed and reveals absolutely healthy. It 'a hoax: while our agriculture is dying. " These certifications, along with others, were incorporated into a database that an international study group, the Task Force Pandora, is gathering: "It is important – says Paola Dama Ohio State University, who coordinates the group – to re-establish a proper and transparent information. " Those who wish may send certified agro-food in his possession at email: dmapla @ gmail. com or www. taskforcepandora. com.

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